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It’s no surprise the cloud services market is expected to grow 33% by 2018 in the insurance industryCloud services can enable you to deliver better service to your client base, improve your business operations in a number of ways, reduce costs, and ultimately stave off the competition in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Emphasize Client Engagement

Customer service is one of the primary factors determining how you fare against the competition. Let us manage your infrastructure, so your staff can shift emphasis to what will have the biggest impact on your bottom line – improved client engagement. Additionally, with our robust infrastructure powering your operations, technology won’t be an impediment to quality customer service.

Deloitte’s 2016 Insurance Industry Outlook suggests that insurers should “reinvent their marketing outreach efforts with more intuitive, interactive information channels and tools.” Do just that with the reassurance of fully managed cloud infrastructure with no headaches, maintenance, or upgrades.

Virtualize Insurance Applications

One key cloud use case for the insurance sector is to virtually publish your software and applications. App publishing offer a number of benefits to your firm including: quicker and easier deployment, legacy app support/access, portability, and the ability to run multiple instances of the the same application at the same time on any endpoint.

Common insurance workloads that can be migrated to the cloud include:

See our app publishing pages for additional information.

Lower Technology Costs with Cloud Services

With the cloud’s budget-friendly costing model, you can reduce costs, avoid expensive hardware refreshes in the future, and preserve funds in your IT budget. You can then pass these savings on to the customer with a more competitive offering.

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