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Given a number of unique business conditions, such as consumer protection regulations, insurance agencies must be discerning when selecting a cloud partner. At dinCloud, we offer support for insurance agencies looking to migrate to the cloud securely. We help insurance agents meet regulatory compliance requirements and realize the maximum benefit from cloud infrastructure.

Why should insurance firms look to migrate their infrastructure to a virtual private data center?

Cloud Benefits for Insurance Agencies

Insurance companies stand to gain a number of benefits from migrating to the cloud. These include:

Elastic, pay-per-use costing model

Handle peaks in demand without undertaking significant capital expenditure. A cloud-based model affords the ability to scale up or down as needed, in accordance with workload requirements.

Mobile workforce

Insurance workers are increasingly mobile. Hosted workspaces allow users to access a virtual desktop from any device. Desktops are easy to deploy in this manner, allowing insurance agencies to on-board new users in mere minutes. Virtual desktop resources can be managed on the fly via dinManage, dinCloud’s cloud orchestration portal.

Insurance Application Virtualization

Insurance firms can take advantage of an app virtualization platform, like dinCloud’s dinApp, to negate browser compatibility issues. Like the remainder of dinCloud’s hosted workspace portfolio, dinApp runs on secure servers, ensuring that application data remains protected. This app virtualization solution also offers increased portability, as the apps can be delivered to any device instantaneously.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

No business is immune to the threat of data loss or down time, in the wake of a natural disaster or disruptive event. Bypass this risk with a redundant, off-premise solution to ensure your critical client data is never vulnerable.

dinCloud Services for Insurance

Regulatory requirements including consumer protection regulation dictate that insurance firms leverage robust infrastructure that won’t leave client data susceptible to breach. Partner with a cloud provider who understands the unique regulatory requirements associated with the industry. Our tier 3 data centers are among the most secure today, and are designed to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. If you are interested in setting up a compliant cloud solution, contact us today. For more information, keep reading about our cloud benefits for the insurance industry.

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