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According to Senior Housing News, more than half of US long-term healthcare providers are using the cloud today. Why the rapid adoption of cloud technology? Long Term and Post Acute Care (LTPACorganizations can leverage a cloud platform to achieve a number of strategic business objectives including: improved quality of patient care, operational efficiency, and HIPAA compliance. Keep reading for additional detail on these benefits.

Adopt Modern Technology Platforms at a Lower Cost

Carevium cites the high cost of hardware as a potential reason why senior care facilities have historically been slow to modernize their technology practices. Avoid costly upgrades with cloud infrastructure based in secure dinCloud data centers. We also maintain the burden of upgrades and ongoing maintenance so your staff doesn’t get bogged down with additional responsibility.

Access Patient Health Records from Multiple Sites

Patient care isn’t constrained to one central point in your facility and neither should your computing resources. Our cloud infrastructure facilitates device mobility – meaning, you can access an entire workstation, files and business applications included, from virtually any device. Users can log in to their virtual workstation from a tablet, desktop or laptop and switch from device to device with ease as they move through their day and your facility.

Adopt a Secure Cloud Solution for HIPAA Compliance

We can help you comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulation. This act provides guidelines for the protection of patient health information. Under which, your infrastructure must comply with the prescribed security guidelines. Contact us to learn how our secure cloud infrastructure can support you and your HIPAA compliance efforts.

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