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Cost Savings

The cloud can provide the infrastructure to save on costly maintenance of on-premise infrastructure. This will help streamline the process from prescription drug creation to delivery of payment to the pharmacy.

Confidentiality and Security

dinCloud prioritizes security, and will take a snapshot of your data, which will help back up and save your confidential information. In pharmacies, sensitive customer data will stay protected in the cloud with our multiple layers of physical, network, and storage security.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

With the rising consumer demand for anytime, anywhere access, the cloud is the solution. Your company can access your files anytimeanywhere, on any device with a viable internet connection.  Now, you can manage a cloud-based practice, or deliver customer information securely from the pharmacy, from home, from coffee shops, or even on vacation.

Affordable Subscription-based Model

We have a flat-rate monthly subscription pricing. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees. If you would like to learn more about how the cloud can help benefit your pharmacy, please reach out to a dinCloud account executive today.