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Pharmacy Challenges the Cloud can Address

Pharmacies have begun to realize the vital role the cloud can play in their industry. The cloud can help address particular challenges in the industry, including rising consumer demands and new systems for payment that threaten pharmacies that fail to adapt.

Pharmacies maintain infrastructure predominantly in-house, which presents a number of management challenges. On-premise management of data can often impede business processes during downtime, which – in a customer-facing industry like pharmacies – will affect customer service.

Companies are having a difficult time meeting rising customer expectations. Given the nature of their business, downtime is not an option. Pharmacists are required to provide more patient care services. Many pharmacies have already begun to implement an electronic health record (EHR) system hosted in the cloud that can give employees a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s full record.

It’s also important to have an interconnected platform for pharmacies to share patient information. A shift in healthcare towards a unified cloud is required for pharmacies to have applicable patient information wherever the patient goes. This collaboration within the community can help provide the patient with the convenience to choose where they want their prescription.

With the help of the cloud, pharmacies can improve their operations across all their channels. They can be able to deliver and fill prescriptions quickly and accurately, as well as receive payment for those prescriptions immediately.

Security has been a primary reason why they have postponed using cloud services. The cloud can adhere to the restrictions, and can address some of the top challenges pharmacies face. Patient confidentiality remains a top priority. Especially in pharmacies, there are many compliance regulations that these companies must adhere to.

The cloud, and in particular, dinCloud, prioritizes security. Similar to the pharmaceutical industry, dinCloud provides the cloud infrastructure for companies in the legalhealthcareretail, and finance industry. These industries have strict regulations on client data and information. When looking at the big picture, the cloud can help solve multiple challenges pharmacies face. With the cloud, pharmacies can facilitate better communication, have higher security, and keep their customers healthy and happy with real-time up to date information on client data. To learn more about cloud for pharmacies, continue reading our benefits of the cloud for pharmacies page, or request information.

DermaTran Health Solutions

Pharmacy Industry Case Study

DermaTran Health Solutions, a multi-location pharmacy, was looking to improve operations surrounding the deployment of their line of business (LOB) application. They switched from another app virtualization product to leverage dinCloud’s turn key services. Now, the company cites more efficient operations across their geographically dispersed locations and significant cost savings. Click to see the full DermaTran case study.


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