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Recent studies have shown that cloud technology is poised for mass adoption in the legal industry. Although initially hesitant due to its dependence on security, the legal community has realized the benefits cloud can bring to their organization. While 41% of the legal community believe their confidential data in the cloud is safe, their reservations are decreasing rapidly. Once past the barriers to cloud adoption, legal industries find that the cloud can be particularly useful for helping them run more efficientlysecurely, and at a lower cost.  According to a cloud survey report from Lexis Nexis Firm Manager, among current users of the cloud in the legal industry, storage (50%), and backup (56.4%) were among the most popular capabilities. In the same report by Firm Manager, legal organizations believed that mobility or freedom of access (45.2%) and disaster recovery/data backup (40.5%) remained the most valuable benefit of cloud services for the legal profession (They could only choose one).

Increased Efficiency

The legal industry, and in particular, lawyers are always on the go. Expedite case and client management by having access to your work anywhere you go (from home, in the office, while traveling). Streamline time, billing and invoicing with a cloud first initiative, so lawyers can avoid spending a significant amount of time logging information from each client. Online document management services will enable you to access files and documents, share them with clients, team members and others. dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktopdinHVD, or dinDaaS can help facilitate the process. dinHVD can connect members of the legal industry to their hosted workspace.  Enjoy increased mobility and freedom of access when you host your workspace in the cloud with dinCloud.

Disaster Recovery/Data Backup

Sensitive client information and data in the legal industry must be safe and accessible in the event of a disaster. dinCloud leverages a dual redundancy infrastructure to serve as your business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) strategy. With 40.5% of the legal industry acknowledging BC/DR as the most valuable benefit of cloud services, legal organizations must choose a cloud service provider that can ensure your data security and business continuity, like dinCloud.

What’s Next?

If you’re a legal organization looking to improve efficiency and safeguard your data with a BC/DR strategy, a secure cloud based initiative may be the solution for you. Reach out to dinCloud today!