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dinCloud offers specialized services that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of the financial industry. Financial organizations can realize the following benefits from adopting cloud solutions from dinCloud.

Enhanced Security

Organizations that rely on an on-premise environment are more susceptible to security threats than those that are in the cloud. While security concerns remain present among many business leaders, the cloud helps reduce this by meeting and typically exceeding these security requirements and regulations. dinCloud infrastructure is hosted in tier 3+  virtual private data centers. This robust infrastructure prevents data breaches to mission critical information, and from lost or stolen devices.

Reduced infrastructure

As more customers pour in, your financial service firm will grow, and so will its information technology hardware and software needs. By migrating to the cloud, financial organizations can reduce the amount of infrastructure required, and share the liability with dinCloud. This helps eliminate the hassle of procuring and updating hardware and software, which in turn reduces the capital expenditure. There is no longer a need to procure multiple servers because the supporting equipment eliminates the need for costly software and server upgrades, annual licensing fees, and hardware.

Reduced Maintenance cost

As financial organizations continue to utilize cloud services, they no longer need to maintain infrastructure onsite, which helps significantly lower costs. Keeping your technology and IT equipment modern is extremely critical to security, performance, and agility. The cloud is your solution to helping your organization stay up-to-date.


Leveraging cloud technology allows your organization to access data from any location, any time, and on any device in real time.

Disaster Recovery

dinCloud makes sure that all your data is stored in the cloud, and is secured and easily accessible in the event of a disaster, theft ,or loss of any device. All your data is stored in multiple data centers, readily available under any circumstance.


dinCloud can help scale an organizations requirements on the fly, with no hassle.

Partner with dinCloud

To learn more about cloud for financial services, request information, or speak to a cloud solution specialist.