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Financial Services Issues Cloud Can Address

Companies in financial services need a cloud services provider that offers specialized services catering to the unique challenges of the industry. Namely: concerns of security, scalability, vendor dependency, cost benefit, and control should be addressed.

Challenges Faced by Financial Organizations

dinCloud Cloud Services for the Financial Sector

dinCloud’s cloud services for the financial sector are comprised of hosted virtual desktops (dinDaaS and dinHVD), hosted virtual servers (dinServer), database solutions (dinSQL), and cloud storage solutions (dinStorage). dinCloud’s secure cloud offerings provide users with the flexibility to operate from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. With dinCloud, financial organizations can rest assured knowing that redundancy is built into their cloud infrastructure with no single point of failure. Data is backed up and stored for 10 days, and SSL encryption and 2 factor authentication, are added security measures. To help ease migration to the cloud: We provide complete onboarding support for financial organizations to guide you through planning, data migration, and support.

dinCloud HVDs Gave One Lending Firm 50% Savings

After partnering with dinCloud, and implementing its Hosted Virtual Desktop solution, National Asset Direct, a leading asset management firm, was able to reduce their overall technology spend by 50 percent. In addition to the competitive advantage they gained, they cite improved internal management controls and increased support for remote work as key benefits of the solution. To learn more about how this asset management company is benefiting from cloud, see this Microsoft case study.