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Cloud adoption rates in higher education have soared in recent years. Why are colleges moving to the cloud? In a survey by EdTech Magazinehigher education institutions cited increased efficiency (55%), mobility (49%), innovation (32%), time savings (31%), reduced costs (25%), and new products/services (24%) as the leading incentives to migrate. Many industries have discovered how the cloud can further their objectives; higher education is no exception.

In the wake of budget reductions (as reported by Inside Higher Ed), cost reduction strategies and new efficiencies are increasingly sought after by higher education institutions. Increasingly demanding requests and service delivery times have made these considerations more pressing in recent years.

Meet Learning Objectives with Cloud Computing

In addition to budgetary constraints, higher education institutions are also held to learning objectives and maintaining operations for vast campuses and networks. The cloud can help introduce new operational efficiencies to higher education campuses. Immediate capabilities to compute, store, network, and provide database services can help educational institutions build a better learning environment for their students.

Address IT Challenges with Cloud Services

Address key IT challenges in the higher education industry with dinCloud. Students are now bringing multiple devices to take notes, sometimes up to three or four. In an environment where learning is so critical, quick access to tools that enhance teaching, learning, and research is of upmost importance. dinCloud can help provide the framework to help higher education institutions meet expectations from their students, faculty, and staff. The IT departments for higher education institutions face even more challenges during peak dates, and the cloud can address concerns. Spikes in enrollment, sports events, graduation, or concerts, typically a nightmare for the IT department, can be simplified with the increased capabilities of the cloud, and in particular, dinCloud. Another key challenge IT professionals in the higher education industry face is costs. Maximize your savings through a flat rate monthly price. Get transparency into your cloud infrastructure with dinCloud, where there are no hidden fees. Save costs, and reallocate your funds to building new projects.

Simplify IT Maintenance through Cloud Migration

Another way the cloud can help you address IT challenges is by helping you simplify maintenance and upgrades. Higher education institutions constantly need to maintain their infrastructure to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. New functionality requirements, including faster processors, quicker automation, and regulatory updates can be a tedious task to manage. dinCloud takes that workload off of you, and helps you upgrade and maintain your infrastructure in the cloud.

Maintaining cloud infrastructure on premises may be difficult, but it will be a downright nuisance to try to restore it after a disaster. Allow your higher education institution to function in the event of a disaster. With dinCloud, you can leave the headache behind. Migrate to the cloud with peace of mind that your data will be secure and safe in the event of a disaster.

Meet Higher Ed Challenges with a Hosted Solution

Institutions that partner with dinCloud have the opportunity to find a simpler low cost way of managing their infrastructure. Take advantage of our cloud services for the higher education industry. Learn about the benefits of cloud for higher education, or get a quote.