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Higher education institutions are increasingly turning to cloud solutions as an alternative to the traditional means of delivering IT. Higher education institutions are tasked with providing better service to students, faculty and staff with a consistent, or oftentimes diminished, set of resources. The cloud is an ideal platform to help address this challenge. The cloud can also help higher education institutions with advancement, given benefits including: scalabilityagilitymodernization, and cost savings via an operational expenditure costing model. In an environment where information technology staff is tasked with servicing a number of different audiences: students, educators, and a varied group of stakeholders; the cloud offers the robust infrastructure they require. Furthermore, the cloud is scalable. Administrators have the flexibility to strategically migrate workloads to the cloud as needed, or even adopt a hybrid cloud model where applicable. See our cloud benefits page for additional details and more on the topic of cloud benefits.

Current Cloud Adoption in Higher Education

And it appears many higher education institutions are already taking advantage of the many benefits that cloud has to offer. Cloud adoption in higher education is considered widespread today.

Cloud Resources for Higher Education

We have additional resources available for higher education institutions that are considering adopting cloud services for the first-time, or those that are expanding their cloud strategy.

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