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The university and higher education system has a unique set of challenges associated with it that have made cloud adoption slower to take hold than what is common in other industries. However, the institutions that have been able to move forward and leverage the cloud, have realized a number of benefits that facilitate advancement beyond just the IT department.

Cloud Scalability for Higher Ed

It’s hard to justify investment in a fixed set of on-premise infrastructure, given fluctuating demand, and annual variation in enrollment. The cloud offers a more elastic consumption model that can be adjusted according to need. With dinCloud as your cloud service provider, virtual resources can be spun up or down almost instantaneously via dinManage, our cloud orchestration portal. Unlike traditional IT deployment methods, organizations don’t get stuck with un-used resources that they’re forced to maintain after they are no longer needed.

Simplified IT Maintenance

The cloud is also easier to maintain than traditional on premise infrastructure. Rather than weighing internal staff down with the burden of on-prem hardware maintenance, this burden will move over to your cloud provider. Your staff can re-focus on strategic initiatives while your infrastructure is well maintained within tier 3+ data centers.

Modernization with Cloud for Higher Ed

Given the spirit of learning and advancement in higher education institutions, it’s imperative that their information technology keep up with the times. IT should be deployed in a manner that keeps pace with the way that students, educators, and community members operate. With many students and educators already using the cloud on a personal level, it’s only a matter of time before higher ed institutions will be tasked with moving a good portion of their infrastructure to the cloud. Get a jump and formalize a cloud migration strategy. This will allow you to migrate securely via a cloud provider that will meet your infrastructure requirements.

Cost Savings

There isn’t room for wasted spend as college budgets continue to tighten. Cloud infrastructure often proves more budget-friendly with its pay-as-you-go consumption model, but make sure you partner with a provider that doesn’t hide fees for transactions like data transfer. See our transparent pricing approach here.