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We’ve introduced dinPharma to meet pharmaceutical company requirements for secure private cloud services. Our customized suite of virtual private data center services is designed to help pharmaceutical companies comply with security regulations including HIPAA, PCI, FDA GxP, and phRMA code when virtualizing their applications, workspaces and servers.

Cloud Services for Pharmaceutical Companies and Pharmacy Retailers

Pharmaceutical companies and Pharmacy Retailers can simply spin up an entire virtual private data center or the following dinPharma components in the cloud.


Our hosted workspace solution, dinHVD, makes it easier to on-board and connect employees, regardless of where they may be located. Users can access their entire digital workspace from any device (laptop, desktop, mobile phone). dinCloud’s solution works with Windows, Apple, iOS, Chrome, Linux and Android operating systems.


Pharmaceutical companies can maintain full visibility and control over their infrastructure with virtual private data serversfrom dinCloud. Robust architecture, inherent security measures and transparent, flat-rate pricing – with no transfer fees – offer added benefit to pharmaceutical companies who are vigilant of spend in light of reduced budgets, and those who are looking to minimize risk.


dinApp is a turn-key application virtualization platform. Pharmaceutical companies are often heavy application users. A secure virtualization platform like dinApp, that streams applications to any physical or virtual desktop, offers portability and support for Line of Business (LOB) applications that require multiple instances or versions. dinApp is also ideal for legacy application support.


dinSQL is a platform for pharmaceutical companies to host SQL databases out of our secure data centers. Use cases for pharmaceutical companies include: leveraging dinSQL as a business continuity/disaster recovery contingency, maintaining some on-premise infrastructure in a hybrid cloud scenario, or migrating your entire SQL infrastructure to our secure, private cloud.

Additional dinPharma Resources

Please see our pharmaceutical overview page for additional resources. If you are considering a migration to our secure, virtual private cloud, please request to speak with one of our cloud specialists for personalized support.