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The strict requirements set forth by the federal government make the storing and sharing of sensitive information a difficult and tedious process. Every year, pharmaceutical enterprises spend billions of dollars in recalls, fines, and audits. Big pharmaceutical companies can benefit from moving their infrastructure to the cloud. dinCloud’s cloud services provide exactly that.

Benefits of Partnering with dinCloud​

Cost efficient cloud services and operating costs also make partnering with dinCloud a smart decision for large pharmaceutical companies with quite a lot of sensitive information to store and protect. By partnering with dinCloud, your company can work with us to customize and implement a secure and effective cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management (EQM) strategy.

dinCloud’s infrastructure is scalable; resources can be adjusted at any time, based on the needs of the company. This is another reason why dinCloud makes sense for organizations operating within the pharmaceutical industry. Like any business, your resource requirements can fluctuate and there is comfort in knowing that you will only need to pay for what you use.

Additionally, the GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) standards can seem stringent and daunting, but dinCloud’s familiarity with these federal regulations will make developing a strategic initiative simple, effective, and fiscally smart.

What Services Does dinCloud Offer?

dinCloud offers cloud-based services and applications that provide a centralized way for your pharmaceutical company to access its sensitive data from anywhere, anytime. dinCloud operates on a subscription based payment plan, so all of our pricing is transparent, and there are no expensive surprises on your monthly bill, like what is often incurred with other cloud providers. Our familiarity with compliance regulations in multiple industries helps make meeting industry specific regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, such as FDA GxP and the phRMA code, more efficient.

Why Choose dinCloud for Your Company?

dinCloud has the capability to work with the strict compliance and security regulations found in the pharmaceutical industry. Because your data is backed up and stored securely in the cloud, it simplifies your process, which can help your company become more cost and time efficient. To learn more about cloud for pharmaceutical companies, request information, or get a quote.

Pharma Industry Case Study

DermaTran Health Solutions, a multi-location pharmacy, was looking to improve operations surrounding the deployment of their line of business (LOB) application. They switched from another app virtualization product to leverage dinCloud’s turn key services. Now, the company cites more efficient operations across their geographically dispersed locations and significant cost savings.

Click to see the full DermaTran case study.