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Yes, you can run Microsoft Windows 7 on your Android device! Whether it is the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy or another device… with the dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD), you can also use Microsoft Office 2010, and any other application.vvvv

Why: Imagine you are preparing for a lunch meeting and have taken some notes (say in Microsoft OneNote 2010) on your office computer. Before heading to lunch, you grab your Xoom / Galaxy and go to lunch. Once at lunch, you connect to your virtual desktop through an app – instantly, your Xoom / Galaxy shows your Windows desktop with OneNote open on the notes you wanted to cover. While going through the notes, you need to update your Excel spreadsheet. Then you email your spreadsheet to your team’s HP printer so they can start work before you even return.

For more information on our Desktop as a Service, please visit our Hosted Virtual Desktop page or request information to speak with a cloud specialist