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Key Benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktop

Reduce Cost

Hosted Virtual Desktops move all of the processing needs from the existing desktop to the cloud server, reducing the stress on your physical devices and extending the life of the hardware and enabling you to get more use out of your investment.  Not only do you see reduced costs in CapEx but OpEx can be reduced by 30-50%.

Heightened Security

With multiple layers of security, from physical layers to virtual layers, dinCloud is serious about securing your data. The data center is guarded by 24/7 live security personnel, access to the server is encrypted and top of the line firewall devices by Cisco secure the server from the core.  See more about our security protocols here.

Enhanced Control

With our built-in user portal, you maintain full control over your virtual desktop. Provision, de-provision, and modifications can all be done through the portal leaving you more in control of your desktop. Centrally stored data with an active directory enables your changes to be available immediately.

Increased Agility

Due to the nature of the subscription service, you can achieve greater agility when managing your desktop deployment strategy. Updates are automatically installed on all virtual instances without the need to trigger them internally. Users are enabled to utilize their own chosen devices such as Android, Apple iOS or Microsoft operating systems, allowing employees to work from whatever device they have available where they are. Weather and sick days are easier to manage as users can access their desktop regardless of where they are and remain accessible and productive.

Boost Productivity

Regardless if the device is a laptop, desktop, tablet, Apple, Android or Microsoft device, your users can access their desktop from wherever they are.  The benefits extend to more than just employees, but the IT organization can realize greater productivity and focus by shifting the management of the PC fleet to dinCloud, freeing up the staff to focus on more revenue generating tasks.