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Growing a business in the rapidly changing technology environment of the 21st century can be challenging.  But solutions like Hosted Virtual Desktops can benefit any organization encountering these challenges:

Remote and Flexible Work

As the way we work changes, businesses are left at a crossroads between securing corporate data and enabling employees to be their most productive.  Hosted Virtual Desktops solve this challenge by enabling workers to access their applications through their available devices, regardless of their location.  If they have internet access, they can get to their work programs and files.


Who can ignore the importance of BYOD? Referring to the latest research which says, “The Global Market for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) would expand over $181.39 billion. So, more than 80% companies already utilized this and many others are focusing on improving this. The benefits of BYOD are as follows: Save Money, More Happiness and satisfaction of employees, Boost the productivity by letting the employees to use devices which comforts them the most, Have up to date technology and take the business to the next level with Hosted virtual desktops by dinCloud that enable BYOD .

Merger and Acquisition

There are many unknowns when businesses merge from two entities into one. One of those unknowns is the type of technology in use and the condition the devices are in. The flexibility of Hosted Virtual Desktops enables businesses to streamline the merger of their technology.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

The built-in redundancy provided by cloud solutions enables you to keep running in the event of a local disaster that could take down local resources.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Reviews

Some feedback from current dinCloud hosted virtual desktop users.

“HVD provider dinCloud recently reached out to those enterprises who weren’t willing to move to a solution in the public cloud with a complete turnkey hardware/software VDI solution based on its proprietary cloud-born technology, designed to make it simple for a customer to deploy hosted desktops from their own facilities with no additional infrastructure configuration or investment needed.”
Matt Weinberger
MSP Mentor
“As the #1 hosted virtual desktop (HVD) provider, dinCloud is helping organizations with 50-500 employees to deploy everything from desktops, to virtual servers to offsite backup infrastructure. We feel SMBs potentially have the most to gain by adopting Cloud solutions and dinCloud appears to be well positioned to help them make this transition”.
Colm Keegan
Storage Switzerland
“dinCloud’s expertise in Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) provides a unique opportunity for customers to mitigate anxiety and failure.”
Eric Ludwig
CDW, Cloud Team Leader of Aggregation Services