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It’s true – Windows can run on Android. It’s here. Your desktop, your apps, your documents, and your files can all run on Android. Your entire digital workspace is now accessible on Android as well as your Chrome browser – that’s multiple devices with only one desktop.

Enjoy Freedom and Security

Available now on Android phones and tablet devices, webHVD is equally secure, requiring the user to enter their password and PIN code the same way they would on their Google Chrome app. webHVD for Android offers an easy to use virtual mouse operation, which allows users to control the mouse with their fingers, single or double tap on their screen for left mouse click operations, and right mouse click operation by tapping the screen with two fingers.

With this new platform, you can use a virtual keyboard operation to type and input data, and it comprehends and allows you to use the “send keys,” such as CTRL, ALT or DELETE. Users can even zoom in an out when they want.

How to Access webHVD for Android

Search for the webHVD app in the Android Play Store and click “Install.” Once you’ve accepted the download, it will install the app to your device. Open the app, enter your webHVD username and password, and you will be able to see your online and office webHVDs. Tap the one you would like to access, enter your PIN and you will be connected to your requested desktop.
We promise that once you’ve enjoyed the cloud on Android, you won’t ever want to switch back to using your old desktops again.;