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webHVD Home is an affordable hosted virtual desktop with built-in-remote-access facility. It provides you with a turnkey desktop which you can provision and start using in a matter of minutes using Google Chrome Browser.

webHVD Home is our hosted virtual desktop for consumers whereas webHVD standard is meant for Enterprises. webHVD Standard requires a dedicated virtual private datacenter and a minumum order of 10 webHVDs. webHVD Home, on the other hand, doesn’t have such requirements and you can even buy just one webHVD.

webHVD home comes with 3GB RAM, 2 virtual CPUs and 40GB Hard drive but these specifications can be increased on demand. Contact support to increase your webHVD’s virtual resources.

After you register your webHVD that has been assigned to you, download and install Google Chrome Browser (if not installed already) and dinCloud webHVD app to start using your webHVD. This process is simple and quick!

Please click here to watch a video on this. We promise it will be short and quick!

webHVD can be accessed from Windows (Except Windows RT), Mac, Linux, ChormeOS machines. All you need is Google Chrome browser and dinCloud webHVD app.

Yes, webHVD has been designed keeping user security in mind. It requires two-factor authentication from users and hence you are required to enter your credentials and PIN/Access code to access your webHVDs. The PIN/Access Code and SSL encryption combination also ensures that when users connect to their webHVDs, no one can see their data. Video encoding serves as the third layer of the security. And don’t forget, your data is stored encrypted in our storage too.

You can use the Free Google Cloud Print to print files on your local printers. This requires a onetime setup which lets you print remote documents. Click here to learn more about Google Cloud Print.

This feature is only available for in webHVD standard and dinHVD. webHVD Home can’t be joined to your domain.

The cloud location is the geographical location of dinCloud’s physical datacenters. You need to select the datacenter that is closest to you for best performance. Currently, there are two physical datacenters that you can host your machines on. US-West is located in Los Angeles while US-Central datacenter is located in Chicago.

You need to select the cloud location only until you place your first order. After the initial order, you cloud location will be set to the datacenter you had provisioned your first machine(s) on. All other cloud locations will be removed from the drop down. For instance, if you select US-West as your cloud location on very first order, next time you would only see US-West option in the dropdown list. If you select a different datacenter without signing into the system first, the cloud location will be changed to your existing datacenter location automatically. You will be shown a message on the checkout page about this change.