In this ever-changing IT landscape, users are demanding quick and instant access to their data. To be able to keep pace with this trend, we’ve developed three virtual server offerings in the cloud.

Our hosted virtual servers run in secure virtual private data centers that can provide you with a high performance infrastructure to support your business requirements. Integrate your infrastructure in the cloud with our hosted virtual servers, including dinServer, dinSQL and dinMetal.


dinServer is a hosted virtual server (HVS) offering from dinCloud. We designed our HVS with high performance and robust security in mind. Run business and legacy applications quickly and with full control, spinning up or down resources on a need basis.


dinSQL enables you to host your SQL databases in the cloud, either as a primary site, or as backup (BC/DR). Upgrade your outdated SQL database by migrating it the cloud. Whether you’re looking for data replication, high availability, a hybrid cloud scenario, or a hosted SQL server, dinCloud has a solution for you.


dinMetal is a dedicated hardware configuration that allows you to access the dedicated equipment that we own and operate. Provision your assets with our dedicated hardware configurations, which are interconnected (VLAN, VRF, firewall controlled, etc.) in our public cloud offering.