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Secure your Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

dinCloud is created around the concept of security. Anything insecure isn’t usable. As such, virtual private datacenters are the cornerstone of our infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and are individually created for each customer to contain and protect all your resources (servers, desktops, storage & vm appliances).

Each customer receives their own dedicated virtual firewall with each virtual private datacenter they spin up at any of our availability zones/datacenters. This virtual firewall acts as the default routing gateway to your resources & connects you to the Internet as well as your existing corporate infrastructure via P2P VPN or MPLS. Equinix datacenter direct connections (from your cage to ours) at up to 10gbps may also be connected to your virtual firewall.

Here are some competitive differentiators:

dinCloud: NO transfer fees in/out

Competitors: Transfer fees OUT

Comment: Imagine being charged for every byte of data you touch in YOUR Cloud for every server, desktop, storage & more! This can easily triple the expense.  That’s why we’re flat-rate, all you can eat!

dinCloud: 10g networking is standard

Competitors: 10g networking is extra

Comment: Of the competitors that even offer 10g networking in their infrastructure, it’s an optional and expensive add-on.  At dinCloud, it’s standard, because with virtual desktops, we’re already managing some of the world’s most demanding virtual workloads in our Cloud.


dinCloud: object storage encrypted

Competitors: no storage is encrypted

Comment: Our SSD/SAS/SATA object oriented cloud storage is not only FAST but it’s ALL ENCRYPTED.

dinCloud: FREE  protection for ALL customers

Competitors: No IPS/IPR protection of any kind offered as standard

Comment: We check ALL inbound/outbound Internet traffic and at any given moment block 8M+ IP’s worldwide (updated every 2 hours) that belong to botnets, malware attackers, and other undesirables.  Our competition might tell you that “security is your problem”.  Well, sure.. at least until the other multi-tenants on your physical cloud host  busts out in malware which sucks down all cpu, memory, and disk taking you down for days or weeks.  Then, it’s everyone’s problem — and it spreads — so at dinCloud, we’re a bit more proactive.

dinCloud: EASY upgrades/downgrades

Competitors: Frankenstein had it easier

Comment: With dinCloud, upgrading a particular vm in your cloud is as easy as a few mouse clicks.  Select the CPU, memory, disk you want and it’s done within minutes.   Our competitors want you to detach the vm’s disk, destroy the vm, create a new vm, reattach the disks until IT’S ALIVE.

dinCloud: Customizable networking

Competitor’s: Convoluted networking

Comment: At dinCloud all your resources at a given site sit on subnets with IP addressing you create.  Virtual datacenters you create at our various locations can be tied together easily via dinTransport.  Our competitors assign a wild array of random private/public IP’s to each vm you spin up and tie them together through software defined networking. If you like organization, dinCloud is for you.  If you like chaotic islands of sporadic connectivity, then our competitors will do just fine!

dinCloud: BIG virtual machines

Competitors: Take it or leave it

Comment: we don’t have “compute optimized”, “memory optimized” or “storage optimized” limitations to choose from in our Cloud.  We can scale much higher than the competition and you choose how much of each type of resource (CPU, memory, disk) you need.  All the way up to 128 vCPU, 2TB memory, and 10TB disk per VM.

dinCloud: Award Winning

Competitors: News Worthy

Comment: dinCloud has been offering virtual desktops and other premier virtual workloads in the Cloud for years, winning #1 awards with Network World Magazine, UP Start Cloud Computing Conference, Microsoft and others. Google dinCloud, you see awards.  Google our competitors and you read about their news worthy outages. The choice, is yours.

dinCloud’s infrastructure was built with security in mind. To learn more about our physical, network, and virtual security measures, visit our security page, or request information.