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You can probably attest that there is no shortage of projects for IT, or for that matter, within your company’s operations team. Managing IT, especially the cloud is yet another time intensive workload.
The cloud has many benefits, yet the convergence of server computing, networking and storage brings a lot of complexity to the management and optimization of your cloud.
We realize that many times, you are just too busy to do tasks that are relatively easy but just fall low on the priority or become tedious.

Virtual Admin for your Convenience

Based on customer needs, dinCloud offers a suite of managed services. Our Virtual Admin was developed as a packaged set of unlimited requests. These bundles are meant to alleviate the stress of counting how many tickets or hours you are permitted in a month. They cover a broad set of services for some of the most commonly requested tasks.


Each bundle has a set of features that can fulfill certain requirements you need for your business. We have three different types of bundles: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver and Gold bundles are serviced Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm (customer’s primary time zone) and Platinum is 24/7.
To learn more about our Virtual Admin, speak with a cloud consultant or request information.

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