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The Covid-19 pandemic rages for the third straight year, sending a clear message to enterprises globally that remote work is here for the long haul. However, does your enterprise have a solid and secure foundation to pull this off?

Well, this is the question which most CTOs and CIOs will try to answer this year as well. With every passing day, cyber threats become more complex and stealthy. In makeshift remote work arrangements, your valuable enterprise data is “all over the place”.

To counter present day cyber threats and protect your valuable data from un-authorized access or breach, you need a reliable as well as secure remote work platform in the form of Cloud Computing. Hosted over the Cloud, you accomplish secure and productive remote work.

By hosting your remote work environment over dinCloud’s state of the art infrastructure, you achieve multi layered security, data centralization, multi device access, higher productivity, ease of management, cost reduction and seamless user experience in one package.

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