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The Public Cloud is Overwhelming

Public cloud providers like AWS and Azure have a broad set of services. They are catering to millions of different configurations and levers. While this might be tempting for IT organizations who have a diverse staff specializing in multiple departments, including storage, networking, application development, and dev ops, for most organizations – these levers are overwhelming.

Hosted Private Cloud

By choosing to run your workload in a private cloud, you can simplify your cloud journey. With a hosted private cloud from dinCloud, you can rest assured knowing you will the support you need to efficiently run your business in the cloud. Read on for more on how switching to a hosted private cloud can simplify setup, access, and launch.

Simple Setup

With our staff ready to help you set-up, you won’t have to figure out all the aspects of your cloud journey alone. We’ll walk through a questionnaire and checklist to confirm we’ve covered all the bases for a smooth on-boarding.

Simple Access

Accessing your private cloud is simple. Not only do we offer help manage your private cloud, but we also provide a easy-to-understand, and simple-to-use cloud orchestration console, dinManage. You won’t be overwhelmed with pages of options.

Simple to Launch

Begin with a workload and take a test drive with dinCloud. Our cloud specialists are also here to help – contact us today.

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