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The 3 biggest mistakes you can make in a VDI world:
  • Believing you can do it yourself
    • We have a Microsoft approved solution that takes you where other players in VDI cannot. Unless you did $600M+ business with Microsoft last year, then you’re probably not innovating the next generation desktop like we are.
    • Believing you can do it for less than a Cloud Provider
      • Most people spend enough on VDI “experiments” to buy a fleet of Ferrari’s yet their end result works like a pack of Yugos
    • Ignore the benefits and differentiators that separate true Cloud from mere Virtualization
      • Until you can achieve sub-second failover and subscription pricing for your entire datacenter’s servers, desktops, apps, storage, voice, video & mobility solutions then you are not a Cloud Provider. Why try?
    ENTER dinCloud. If you want to be us you have to do the following:
    • Solve 65 major infrastructure problems any 1 of which will KILL your entire VDI project costing you millions and leaving egg on your face or worse – unemployed!
    • Get 24 major vendors to work together – even the Fortune 100 have a hard time getting the attention of ALL their vendors, and if you’re a smaller business without that kind of clout? Good luck!
    • Provide the right infrastructure in over 98 datacenters, in 39 cities, 24x7x365
    • Architect the best security and keep it state-of-the-art
    • Never lose a drop of data by offering 5 tiers of DR, the most basic of which is FREE
    • Prove the solution with thousand of users worldwide
    • Be the first and only Cloud provider in the world to offer simultaneous hosting of virtual servers, desktops, applications, storage, voice, video & mobility ALL in the Cloud

    Or instead of trying to build your own Ferrari, get dinHVD and drive it off the lot tomorrow. Our performance speaks for itself and we think you’ll be impressed. It’s that easy. Contact us today to learn more.