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Our resellers and partners share their experiences working with dinCloud.

“dinCloud has been a great asset for Cobb Technologies in our IT business. We have been able to successfully provide a virtual office for one of our largest clients through the dinCloud private cloud solution. dinCloud technical support is very responsive and has always been able to resolve any issues come across. We will certainly continue to use dinCloud services for future clients.”

Jeff Blount, vCIO, Cobb Technologies

“One of the reasons we like dinCloud so much is the flexibility to customize a solution that best fits our customers’ needs. They’re also more focused on their partners and customers than bigger companies like Amazon. Their personal touch, constant contact and the overall capabilities of the dinCloud environment to be customized to fit our needs really make them shine in comparison to other vendors we’ve encountered.”

Andrew Walsh, Avitar Solutions,  Director of Operations

“dinCloud offers a great balance of backend server infrastructure and support while allowing us to still have some levels of control and customization that our clients need. Between dinCloud’s template abilities and our own group policy implementation, we can setup new cloud desktops in minutes. dinCloud’s skill and feature sets worked well with our engineering team during the onboarding process, helping migrate our customer’s active directory and data in a smooth and non-interruptive way. Additionally, their business and technical support staff work hand-in-hand as you would hope a strategic partner would.”

Brant Roberts, Binary Pulse, LLC, Owner and Senior Cloud Engineer

“Cloud solutions continue to gain popularity as businesses look to conserve resources by offloading data center management, while gaining the IT flexibility to meet their evolving business needs. CDW’s hosted virtual desktop offering, powered by dinCloud, puts the direct benefits of cloud computing in our customers’ hands.”

Stephen Braat, CDW, Vice President, Cloud and Managed Solutions

“dinCloud allows customers to provision in real time and manage all facets of the endpoints. They have invested heavily in to their DaaS offering and it shows. The automation, reporting and control that customers get with dinCloud’s DaaS platform is second to none.”

Drew Klos, CDW, Cloud Solution Specialist

“dinCloud’s expertise in Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) provides a unique opportunity for customers to mitigate anxiety and failure.”

Eric Ludwig, CDW, Cloud Team Leader of Aggregation Services

“While there are many outstanding partners assisting customers navigating the new world of “as a service” consumption, dinCloud has demonstrated leadership and execution. With its hosted virtual desktop (HVD) offering, coupled with dinManage, the on ramp to rolling out and managing cloud-based desktops has never been easier.”

Eric Ludwig, CDW, Cloud Team Leader of Aggregation Services

“Previously with other vendors, we found ourselves in the middle and at the mercy of the vendor’s response – we had no control. dinCloud’s hosted desktop solution gives us greater flexibility with applications that our individual users need. The company’s management and support team have been very responsive to our needs and make the onboarding process a breeze. dinCloud’s service has been flawless.”

Pat Cunningham, LegalTech Consulting Group, President, C&S

“When we were searching for vendors to partner with, dinCloud’s user experience, quality of its infrastructure, and top notch support were the key decision drivers that made them stand out from the rest.”

Scott Schulze, Fusion Technology Solutions LLC, Director of Operations & President

“When we started our search for a cloud services provider to partner with, we wanted a strong industry partner with a strong channel program in place. We took our time selecting the right partner to work with because there were so many to choose from and in the past, any company we met with left us wanting more stability in a partner. We finally found a strong partner with dinCloud. They give us the confidence and tools we need to bring a true corporate level cloud offering to our clients.”

Darin Schoumaker, ManagedNet Technology Solutions, President and CEO

“When searching for a hosted server and desktop solution, we looked at several vendors before choosing dinCloud – they definitely stood out in comparison, especially with their ‘bang for your buck’ pricing and first class service when it comes to onboarding and technical assistance. Their superior product allows us to provide a one size fits all solution for our clients that includes disaster recovery, daily backups, and Microsoft Office, that allows users to connect from anywhere with any device. Furthermore, the service is scalable which allows our clients to add and remove desktops as needed via a predictable monthly subscription fee.”

Joe Barone, PcTronics-Solutions,LLC, Owner and CTO

“The industry requirements that healthcare organizations deal with are difficult enough, let alone having to manage the complexities of the noisy cloud market space. Having an affordable, scalable solution like dinCloud, that is easy to provision and provides accessibility from anywhere, is a huge advantage.”

Evan Desjardins, RoundTable Technology, President