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How Technology is Evolving For Better Educational Experience

As generations change, technology evolves. In no other industry is this more apparent than higher education. Increasing demand by students to have more flexible access to their digital university life is driving change among higher education institutions to provide an outstanding education experience to students and staff regardless of where and when they chose to work and learn.

Why Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a major gain in Industry?

More and more higher education institutions are choosing to adopt digital technologies to meet the demands of their students and staff and remain competitive. One technology that is making significant gains in the education industry is Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Brief Introduction to DaaS Technology

DaaS is a technology that separates the workplace from the physical client and device being used to access it. All of the desktop software and applications are hosted in the cloud and the desktop is accessible from any device with an internet connection, regardless of the type or operating system used.

Why need of Extensive Graphical Requirements in Virtual Desktop?

The extensive graphical needs of the newest applications and operating systems are resulting in a lack of quality user experience in virtual desktops. Lag from the high processing needs of these graphically intensive solutions and programs results in a slow, frustrating user experience and affects the adoption of the solution internally.

How dinCloud is overcoming the Graphics Need in Virtual Desktop Environment?

dinCloud solves the challenge by utilizing nVIDIA GPU cards in their virtual desktops. nVIDIA GPU accelerators deliver immersive, virtual workspaces for every user. Mobile educators and students can finally enjoy a virtual desktop with a premium experience that is developed specifically to handle the increased graphical needs of Windows 10 and other office and creativity suites, providing a performance that is equal to that of a physical PC.
Intellectual property and mission-critical data is securely hosted within the data center.