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National Asset Direct

Asset Management Firm Uses Hosted Desktop Solution to Reduce IT Budget by 50 Percent. To trim costs and boost flexibility, National Asset Direct (NAD), Inc., which helps support investment fund acquisition and management, needed to improve the performance and manageability of its desktop environment. After adopting the dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solution, NAD has slashed its operating costs by 50 percent.

Business Needs

Extreme volatility in the real-estate market has sparked heavy demand for the proprietary debt management services and tools that National Asset Direct, Inc. (NAD) provides. To shield against future turmoil in the real-estate and financial sectors, NAD executives are continuously searching for ways to trim operating costs. John Madrid, Chief Technology Officer at National Asset Direct, Inc., has applied this approach to the company’s IT function. “We’re always looking for ways to drive down infrastructure costs, and still provide our people with the tools they need to stay productive,” says Madrid.


To keep infrastructure costs low, increase internal management control of its IT systems, and support productivity from anywhere, leaders at NAD investigated the market for a new hosted desktop solution. After moving to the hosted desktop solution from dinCloud, we’ve realized a significant cost savings—reducing our overall technology spend by 50 percent”

John Madrid Chief Technology Officer, National Asset Direct, Inc.

Executives considered several alternatives including solutions built on a variety of technologies, such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and the IBM cloud platform and came across a Los Angeles based company “dinCloud”, which is also a member of the Microsoft Partner Network that specializes in providing desktop and server virtualization services. “It didn’t take us long to realize that the dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD) service was the turnkey solution we’d been looking for,” says Madrid. “It exceeded our requirements for performance, ease of management—and best of all, price.”


With the dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop solution, which delivers a high-fidelity Windows 7 desktop experience together with Microsoft communication and productivity tools, NAD has experienced the following benefits:

DinCloud was Originally Founded in 2011

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