“Good Enough” User Experiences Are No Longer Good Enough

Desktop virtualization has been around for many years, but some organizations are still struggling to deliver a user experience that stands up to what workers have enjoyed on physical PCs. While IT has traditionally settled for a “good enough” user experience, today’s worker is far more sophisticated and expects a rich, immersive experience to be productive.

nVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center

nVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center

dinCloud understands the need for efficient and productive desktops. In order to help our customers meet this need, dinCloud uses nVIDIA® Quadro Virtual Data Center GPU accelerators. These accelerators deliver immersive, virtual workspaces for every user, from the mobile user to the office work. Now your employees can finally enjoy virtual desktops with a premium experience that’s optimized for Windows 10 and office applications— and performance that’s as good as a physical PC.

Office Productivity Apps

Office Productivity Apps and Their Users Are More Demanding

Even simple productivity applications found in Microsoft Windows 10, Office 2016, browsers, and streaming video can benefit from graphics acceleration. A recent study showed that the number of applications that use graphics acceleration has doubled in the past five years. Today, over sixty percent of enterprise users work with at least one of these applications.

1 Data from Lakeside Software’s SysTrack Community, 2017

Traditional desktop and laptop PCs boost application performance with embedded or integrated GPUs. However, when making the transition from physical to virtual, IT has traditionally left the GPU burden to be handled by a server CPU. This has caused a performance bottleneck that limits scale and compromises the user experience.

Now, IT departments can take advantage of GPU technology to deliver a virtual desktop experience that’s as good as a physical device.


Image Source: nvidia


NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions lets IT centralize apps and data and provide users with virtual workspaces that are optimized for every worker, with greater security and accessibility on any device— even smartphones and tablets.

NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC brings proven performance to the data center. IT can finally virtualize 100% of its users, achieving dramatically lower cost per desktop and eliminating effort spent managing PCs.