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dinDaaS, dinCloud’s desktop as a service offering, is accessible through any Chrome browser, with no downloads or software installations required. dinCloud’s virtual desktops can be deployed on multiple devices and are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

Getting set up with dinDaaS is quick and painless. Users simply install the dinDaaS extension from Google’s web store. After that, dinDaaS is ready to use and can be accessed from any Chrome compatible endpoint.

How Desktops as a Service Can Benefit Your Business

dinCloud developed a suite of “born in the cloud” services to address security concerns.  As many businesses move to a cloud-centric delivery model, outdated on-premise equipment can become a liability for those slow to adopt this new technology.

Hosted desktops are a critical component of any hosted workspace strategy. Hosted desktops and applications prove to be quicker/easier to deploy, flexible, and lower cost when compared to traditional deployment methods.

How to Migrate to a DaaS Solution

Contact us today for additional information about our DaaS services or go to dinManage, our cloud provisioning platform, where you can spin up dinDaaS user accounts.