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Host your SQL Server in a Hybrid Cloud with dinCloud. Are you ready to integrate your entire business into the cloud? Sometimes it’s difficult to dive right in. You want to continue using on-premises servers, but also want to leverage the cloud. Look to dinCloud for a compromise: the hybrid cloud.


Integrate your organization into the cloud without the commitment. A benefit of adopting a hybrid cloud is scalability. With a hybrid cloud, you can grow your company’s capacity based on demand. If you experience a surge in growth or a peak during seasonal months, dinCloud can help you scale. Hosting your SQL Server in our hybrid cloud can help you quickly scale computing power, and keep run-rate business in house.


Integrate your on-premises hardware with the backup/restore capabilities of the cloud. Your information will be stored in your on- premises SQL Server, duplicated in our virtual private data centers, and redundant in multiple locations for data loss prevention.

dinSQL Hybrid Configuration

Partner with dinCloud

Managing a hybrid cloud alone can be complex. There may be some difficulties in capacity differences. You may need help migrating from the cloud to your on-premises hardware. Partner with dinCloud to seamlessly integrate your infrastructure into a hybrid cloud. To learn more, and read up on other dinSQL configurations, visit our dinSQL use case page, or explore the following related pages.