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If you’re looking to backup your SQL databases, leverage dinCloud infrastructure to host the replication. Our dinBackup solution can protect your database in the event of a disaster. At dinCloud, we leverage the widely considered #1 VM backup solution, Veeam Backup and Replication. With dinBackup, exercise full transparency into your cloud without the hidden fees. Your data can be backed up to either dinStorage or to Veeam’s Cloud Connect backup storage. In either configuration, you get the benefit of dinCloud’s robust infrastructure, with a dedicated virtual firewall, SSL gateway, and automatic storage replication.

dinSQL dinBackup Configuration

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dinBackup leverages dinCloud’s secure cloud infrastructure to filter all data, guard every access point, duplicate information for recovery capabilities, and ensure snapshots to restore your data to a prior point in time. Partner with dinCloud and host your SQL Server simply and securely in the cloud. To learn more, and read up on other dinSQL configurations, visit our dinSQL use case page or explore the following related pages.