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Hosting SQL server in the cloud can grow your business dynamically, help you avoid unnecessary maintenance, and save on costs associated with hosting on-premise servers.

dinSQL Hosted SQL Configuration

To maximize the benefits of a hosted SQL solution, host your databases in our Tier 2 virtual private data centers. Hosting your infrastructure in the cloud will help you get the reliability, performance, and business intelligence you need – on top of that, by partnering with dinCloud, you can achieve the following objectives.

Server Failure Protection

If you’re looking to completely migrate your outdated SQL Servers, hosting your SQL database in the cloud will prove cost effective. Moving your infrastructure to the cloud can protect all your data from server/data center failure.


A hosted SQL Server solution can also help improve security. dinCloud’s secure virtual private data centers have multiple layers of security (built-in encryption capabilities, dedicated firewall, A/V Malware protection, etc.), ensuring that your data is safe. If flexibility, security, and reliability are top priorities, migrate your SQL Server database to the cloud with dinCloud. To learn more, and read up on other dinSQL configurations, visit our dinSQL use case page or explore the following related pages.