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As Cloud adoption continues to be prevalent in mid-market and companies transition to Managed IT, dinCloud and Techaisle research takes a look at the concept of “agile-cloud” – a nimble cloud strategy that addresses the core challenges faced by mid-market firms today. This white paper addresses the major areas on how cloud is being used today, and the advantages that can be leveraged:

Navigating the Transition to Managed IT:

  • Cloud adoption for IT infrastructure and non-core and core processes and applications
  • Keys to building an agile IT/business infrastructure
  • Topline & bottom-line benefits of cloud
  • Advantages of being virtual
  • Key challenges faced when forming a cloud strategy
  • The use of cloud and virtual data center services
  • Role of Cloud providers
After reviewing this white paper you will be able to understand how to keep pace with accelerating business cycles and capitalize on new IT/business infrastructure opportunities for improved business efficiency and customer engagement