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A whole new look on a whole new level

We are pleased to announce that dinManage has been entirely revamped and the new UI is available in the current release. This release brings the fresh look and ease of use to the features. Each section of application is redesigned from customer’s perspective. The user experience has been enhanced to give it a look of application. The R&D team has been extensively involved in painstaking process to deliver the product, with the focus to improve the user experience and product performance. We are offering the new UI as a Try-Out.

User Experience

Do more with new dinManage than before.

Rich Interactive Dashboard

Feature-rich dashboard has been introduced which provides visual representation of the customer data.  The dashboard provides key metrics at a glance including,  the data related to machines, IP address, VPNs and Ports. The top activities and hardware provisioning data is shown using visually appealing charts.

Reduced Redundancy

Earlier, user had to perform redundant steps to execute an operation, the redundancy in steps has been removed in the updated application.

Flat Design

We have used minimalist design style to update the user interface, thereof adopted the latest trends.

Toggle Switches

To improve user experience, we shifted away from radio buttons, checkboxes and opted for toggle switches that allow users to choose between exclusive options.

Box Selection & Multi-field

To allow users select multiple options, we have introduced an efficient interface mechanism such as box list, multi select fields, which is compact and a single component providing item search, listing, selection and de-selection.

Goes Mobile

Responsive Design

The responsive web design has been implemented and the pages render on a variety of devices and screen sizes. The design adjusts itself based on the user device. Most important features are available on user’s mobile devices.

Interactive Design

Typography & Assets

The typography & assets, used in the application have been updated such as SVGs, Font Style, and icons, to make the app content legible, clear and visually

Sweet Alerts

Browser pop-up messages are replaced by sweet alerts, which provides uniformity across the application, ease of use and they are more visually appealing.

Toastr Messages

Different type of information, success and error messages are replaced by toastr alerts. They are absolutely positioned on top right corner and offer different implementations and options if required.


We have bid farewell to traditional pop-up modals and introduced drawers, which is an integral part of new design. Different operations in dinManage have been shifted to drawers to have more space on pages for content

Feature Improvements


A new feature has been introduced where we list all our products on a single screen and provisioning a virtual
machine or procuring a professional service has become ever so easier.

One – Click Checkout

We have introduced a simple one-click checkout process to enhance the product purchases. Product cart has been removed and now new products can be instantly added to the environment.

Improved VM Management

The VM listing and management sections have been revamped to provide more information, ease of use, responsive and hassle-free interfac

Technology Upgrade

Plugins & Libraries

The plugins & JS libraries have been upgraded including Jquery, Bootstrap. This will enable us to tap into more features and to integrate more robust technologies in the future.

Python 2.7 to 3.5

One of key improvements in the coding structure is long-awaited Python upgrade. It brings us some much-needed security features and scalability.


To improve efficiency of the presentation layer, we have used SASS style sheets to provide computational capability in the front-end and the code is much cleaner, easier to understand and lesser, if compared with CSS.

Code Refactoring

Enhanced Performance

We have massively altered the business logic code to improve its efficiency without affecting the external behavior. It starts from basic standardization and goes to micro-refactoring.

Easier to Maintain

Over the years, the core code of application became cluttered and untidy. Refactored code is easier to maintain, and is based on simplified logic.