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dinManage is an online application that enables our customers to configure virtual datacenters securely in the cloud- giving them complete control of their own environment – including desktops, servers and network security resources.

The Control Panel puts a secure and robust platform directly in the customers’ hands to allow them to directly and efficiently manage their own resources. Its automated provisioning system makes it cost and time efficient to add additional virtual desktops and services to an existing infrastructure. This arms our customers with tools to improve their business and become more competitive.


  • Control of your virtual private datacenter
  • 24 x 7 visibility of your virtual environment through the online web interface
  • Simplified access to various cloud infrastructure management operations
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud designing capability
  • Enhanced security of your environment through ‘2 Factor Authentication’

Automated Provisioning / De-provisioning:

  • Reduce the time required to add virtual desktops, and virtual servers to your infrastructure, to minutes
  • Instantly add storage to your account
  • Comfortably configure virtual machine resources such as RAM, CPU and DISK space
  • De-provision virtual machines with a single click
  • Restore machines within 48 hours of de-provisioning, if required

Data Center Operations Supported

  • Select a preferred Data Center location per your requirement
  • Provision/De-provision Virtual Hosted Desktops and Virtual Hosted Servers
  • Add multiple storage accounts to environment
  • Provision security and networking (VPN, IPs, and firewall)
  • Configure virtual machine, hardware and software specifications
  • Upgrade/Downgrade machines virtually at any time
  • Power on/off individual virtual machines using a simple toggle button
  • Access virtual machines remotely as an admin user, through the Remote Console
  • Set-up passwords for the remote console if required
  • Add, delete and manage networks, per your preference
  • Assign friendly names to networks
  • Switch machines between internal networks

Active Directory

  • Configure the Active Directory server in the virtual datacenter using a quick wizard based approach
  • Create domain(s) in your dinCloud virtual private datacenter just by filling up a simple form
  • Register your cloud environment to an Active Directory in an External Domain
  • Automatically join virtual machines to an existing domain

Virtual Private Firewall

  • Leverage a dedicated virtual private firewall to manage IP addresses, Ports and VPNs
  • Manage public and private IP addresses (subnets)
  • Add, remove and manage up to 5 subnets
  • Enable port forwarding and NAT for virtual servers
  • Create IPsec VPN tunnels between dinCloud and on-premise datacenters, to enable a Hybrid Cloud
  • Activate and manage an Access Control List (ACL) to effectively secure your virtual environment

dinDNS Service

  • Initial bundle starts with 25 domains for 1 low price
  • Add, remove, edit domains & records with ease
  • Supports all IPv4 and IPv6 record types
  • Worldwide AnyCast network architecture
  • Impervious to DDoS & other attacks

My Library

  • Provision virtual machines from customized templates
  • Have any software added automatically on all virtual machines upon provisioning
  • Reduce the time required to configure software on virtual machines
  • Provision from specific templates for each department within your organization

White Labeling for Channel Partners

  • Get your own, unique web portal, to upload your logo and apply DNS masking, as a Channel Partner
  • Manage customers and their virtual private datacenters
  • Have your end users to create and manage their virtual private clouds on your unique portal.
  • Get access to developer/marketplace ready API’s, and web services for integration
  • Acquire REST API support for Java, PHP, and Python

Get Support

  • View all submitted support tickets in dinManage
  • Open new support requests
  • View up-to-date ticket status at any time
  • Post replies, close and re-open tickets
To learn more about our cloud orchestration portal, visit dinManage, or request more information.