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Did Your Business

Also Face Existential

Threats During


Tech Roundup

For The Year 2020

A Disruptive


Year 2020 kicked off with the full onslaught of a global pandemic. The sheer scale of disruption caused by Covid-19 is mind boggling. It has completely transformed our personal and work lives.

Shutting Down of


Businesses that did not have a well thought out plan for supporting a fully remote workforce were left with little to no options on such short notice. Traditional disaster recovery (DR) measures proved incapable of supporting enterprises amidst this crisis.

A Disruptive

True Lifesaver

In the helm of this global crisis, Desktop as a Service or DaaS turned out to be a true lifesaver. Leading DaaS providers like dinCloud offered a robust and secure remote work platform in the form of Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops called dinHVDs.

DaaS is a True Lifesaver

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Tech Outlook

For The Year 2021

Remote Work is the New Norm

Year 2021 will be absolutely crucial for businesses across the globe, as we mount efforts to recover from this unprecedented crisis. One trend is quite evident so far, remote work or work from home (WFH) is here to stay and you need a sound platform for this need.

Business Continuity with dinHVDs

To ensure Business Continuity (BC) during the Covid-19 pandemic and similar contingencies, you need a reliable and secure remote work platform. This comes in the form of dinHVD, which is a fully virtualized DaaS solution for all your remote work needs.

Robust Disaster Recovery via DRaaS

Recent studies have shown that an additional 20-30% enterprises will be migrating their Disaster Recovery (DR) to the Cloud in 2021. dinCloud offers robust Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with state of the art Equinix datacenters. No further need to invest in on premise DR systems.

Best in Class Security and Compliance

Choosing dinCloud for your BC and DR needs is a no brainer. Our global data centers comply with some of the best international standards for security and privacy. These mainly include HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53/FI, PCI DSS, SOC Type I and II, SS 507, SS 567 and TVRA.

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Why Companies

Choose dinCloud

What Sets Us Apart?

dinCloud offers a full array of cloud solutions for all your remote work needs. Our best in class solutions include Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops, Virtual Servers as well as Virtual Databases. Once you come to us, you don’t have to look any further.

At every step of your cloud migration journey, your IT personnel will receive highly personalized assistance from a very dedicated and professional Customer Support team of dinCloud. At the end of day, we will make your transition to DaaS truly a breeze.

Transparent Pricing Model

There are many factors that make dinCloud stand out from the competition. However, our flat rate monthly subscription model deserves a special mention. Knowing beforehand what you’ll be paying for a DaaS solution has an empowering feel to it.

Multi-Layered Cloud Security

dinCloud keeps your valuable data secure by employing multiple layers of security that include firewalls, encryption, intrusion and malware prevention, two factor authentication (2FA) and endpoint level protection among others.

Fully Revamped dinManage Portal

At dinCloud, we strongly believe in empowering our valued cloud users. To accomplish this feat, we have completely revamped our in-house Cloud Management Portal, dinManage. Its latest release takes User Experience (UX) and functionality to a whole new level. You get all key metrics of your cloud environment efficiently laid out on the dashboard, with easy navigation.

Ease of Automation

It has to be easy to manage your environment – whether that is adding to it, making changes, or even de-provisioning resources. Developed with ease of use and flexibility in mind, dinManage enables you to control your virtual environment. Easily provision your IT Infrastructure, including hosted virtual servers, hosted virtual desktops, and hosted cloud services.

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