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With a dedicated hardware configuration from dinCloud, you can access dedicated equipment that we own and operate.

Get the flexibility of running dedicated cloud servers, or co-location services, without the burden of maintaining your own equipment. Leverage a dedicated hardware configuration with the utmost flexibility and peace of mind – we offer flat rate pricing, transparency, and numerous security measures.

Our Tier 3+ data center facilities have redundant power, internet connectivity, and several layers of security. Who should consider a dedicated hardware configuration? Dedicated hardware is ideal for organizations facing compliance regulation, or those looking to maintain full control over their infrastructure. With a dedicated hardware configuration from dinCloud, you can meet regulatory requirements or gain the added control that meets your corporate preference, while bypassing the headache of operating and maintaining your own data center.

Meet Compliance Regulation with a Dedicated Hardware Configuration

Our dedicated infrastructure meets Microsoft licensing compliance requirements, such as those applied to Windows 7 or Microsoft Office 365 products on hosted virtual desktops in the cloud. This configuration also addresses when regulatory or corporate preference requires a hardware layer of separation. A dedicated hardware configuration can be enhanced with dedicated racks, cage, and other colocation add-ons.

Gain Control Over Your Cloud Infrastructure with Dedicated Hardware

When security concern or corporate policy dictates that additional controls over your cloud infrastructure are needed, a dedicated hardware configuration in our cloud is ideal. What is provided in a standard cloud configuration is not always suited for organizations with heightened security or compliance regulation. For further alignment with your existing infrastructure, you can Bring Your Own hypervisor, operating system or application licenses.

Leverage tools like VEEAM to control backup, replication and failover of your on-site VMWare environment to the cloud. Additionally, dedicated hardware configurations can be interconnected (vLAN, VRF, firewall controlled, etc.) with assets you provision in dinCloud’s public cloud offering.

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For more information, contact us today to learn more about a dedicated hardware configuration.