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Like any industry faced with regulatory compliance, lending organizations must adhere to a different set of standards for its IT infrastructure.

Though security concern once surrounded the cloud; when leveraging the right cloud provider, a virtual private data centercan offer a number of benefits, while meeting the security requirements dictated by consumer protection regulation.

Cloud Security and Consumer Protection Regulation

When dealing with sensitive consumer data, it’s critical that multiple measures are taken to prevent breaches. dinCloud infrastructure is purpose-built to combat infiltration. From IP filtering, to the dedicated firewall associated with each cloud resource, security is built into the foundation of dinCloud virtual private data centers. Our virtual private data centers adhere to SSAE 16 auditing standards, which are among the most stringent in the industry.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure for the Lending Industry

Though not unique to the industry, lending firms are subject to fluctuating market demand. Given the uncertainty, committing to a sizeable capital expenditure is hard to justify. The cloud offers a scalable, pay-per-use model, amenable to businesses whose requirements and usage may change over time, as we often see in the lending industry.

Business Continuity for Lending Companies

Put simply, downtime means lost revenue for your business. In a consumer-facing industry like lending, a sound business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) contingency in place can avoid offline time that could have been spent securing new business. BC/DR functionality is built into dinCloud infrastructure, with redundancy, fail—over mechanisms, and geographically dispersed data center sites. On top of that, snapshots of your entire infrastructure are taken daily and stored for 10 days, should you ever need to access them.

dinCloud Helps Lender Address Operational Challenges

When dinCloud partnered with Bank of England, a leading mortgage lender with 70+ branches across the US, it not only provided a technology refresh, it helped address some long-standing operational challenges that had burdened the lender. Notably, dinCloud helped alleviate the burden of hardware asset tracking and maintenance, drastically reducing costs, since they no longer had to ship assets back and forth between branches, and addressed security requirements stemming from the sensitive nature of its client data. To learn more about how this lender is using cloud today, see the Bank of England case study.

Lender Reduces Costs by 50% with Cloud Solution

A national lending company improved the performance and manageability of its desktop environment and cut its IT costs in half by adopting a Hosted Virtual Desktop solution from dinCloud. Additional benefits of the solution include: increased productivity and support for remote work, reduced infrastructure costs and new operational efficiencies. To learn more about how National Asset Direct (NAD) is using hosted virtual desktops today, see their Microsoft case study.

Spinning Up Virtual Private Data Centers for Lending Companies

When you are ready to move forward, spinning up a virtual private data center is quick and easy via dinManage, our cloud orchestration platform. You can also contact us for a personalized review of your infrastructure requirements. For related information, see our mortgage lending page or request .