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Businesses in the casino and gaming industry are prime candidates to reap the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure. In an industry that relies so heavily on the efficiency of its operations, modernizing infrastructure with the latest cloud technology can have much larger implications for performance, growth, and cost reduction.

Keep reading for specific applications of cloud technology within the casino and gaming industry.

Casino Operations Benefit From the Cloud

Given the nature of the casino and gaming industry, chances are you keep a close eye on the bottom line. Some cost-savings applications within this industry include:

Patron Data Privacy and Security in the Casino and Gaming Industry

With patron data privacy and security quickly becoming a hot button topic in the casino and gaming industry, being discerning when selecting a cloud provider is a necessity. We developed our cloud infrastructure in order to meet the stringent security requirements of industries facing compliance regulation, particularly those that deal with sensitive customer data. Our security controls helped us meet the top-level requirements required to get our data center infrastructure certified as SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 1/2.

Casinos Invest in Cloud Infrastructure to Surpass the Competition

With the casino market outlook appearing stable, as reported in 2016 by Las Vegas Review Journal, it’s an ideal time to invest and upgrade your infrastructure. Regardless of industry, businesses that thrive in today’s market leverage the real-time insights afforded by cloud-based infrastructure. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. In a crowded industry that is sometimes slow to modernize, get a leg up on the competition with cloud infrastructure.


What’s Next?

Ask us about our cloud services for the casino and gaming industry.