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Speed and efficiency are critical to the manufacturing industry.  With the industry’s partnership-based model, gains in productivity at the manufacturer-level trickle down the supply chain and can have a major impact on revenue.

Manufacturing businesses can leverage cloud-based systems to:

  • Improve supply chain management
  • Shorten production cycles
  • Bolster distribution partnerships and channel sales with heightened data access/insights

Cloud Benefits for Manufacturing Companies

Quick and Easy Deployment


  • The time it takes to get new users up and running
  • Productivity loss during the on-boarding process
  • The revenue gains your business could realize with a faster, more efficient way to get new users connected

Cloud services are quicker and easier to deploy than traditional, premise-based models. Cloud resources are quick and easy to spin up in dinManage, our cloud orchestration platform.

Scale with Production Demands

The cloud’s scalability can accommodate the fluctuating needs that your manufacturing business often sees due to seasonal production demands. Spin resources up or down quickly so you don’t waste spend on under-utilized assets.

Expedite New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) Initiatives

If you aren’t using cloud-based systems to shorten production cycles and accelerate new product development, your competition may be. Gain a competitive advantage with the agility afforded by cloud-based technology and heightened access to data and applications.

Unify Systems to One Platform

Users can access data, applications and an entire digital workspace from one central platform, wherever they may be located. Users appreciate the consistent experience across devices, while administrators gain peace of mind from the secure access offered by our cloud infrastructure.

More Information – Cloud Services for the Manufacturing Industry

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