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With an ever increasing volume of data, a watchful eye on spend, smaller budgets, and high-profile security concerns, computing in the life science industry has become incredibly complex. Luckily, our cloud services can help. Deploying life science workloads in dinCloud’s secure cloud infrastructure can help facilitate life science objectives and address some of the challenges facing the industry today.

Facilitate Collaboration between Geographically Dispersed Teams

Drawing from a global talent pool is increasingly common in the life sciences, as is collaborative, cross-functional work, so it’s imperative that you provide the proper collaboration tools to your workforce. For maximum productivity: get new users up and running quickly, decrease onboarding time, allow users to store files centrally, and work from anywhere, and practically on any device. All this can be achieved with our secure cloud services.

Time to Insight with the Cloud

You can also reduce time to insight with the increased operational agility and heightened access to data offered by our cloud. We offer the framework to deliver the applications your workforce relies on. Whether it be SAP, analytics, bioinformatics, dataset generation, Master Data Management (MDM), statistical analysis, or informatics applications, our cloud infrastructure can help you deploy critical workloads quickly and efficiently.

Architect a Compliant Cloud Solution

Life Sciences companies can leverage dinCloud services to build compliant operational systems. We provide a highly secure (SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type I or II) data center platform to help your organization meet the security and privacy mandates issued by the US government with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Secure Cloud for the Life Sciences

Furthermore, leveraging secure cloud services is increasingly critical in today’s landscape. HIMSS reports that 43% of all data breaches occur in the healthcare industry, suggesting that legacy applications and on-premise infrastructure are likely vulnerabilities.  We emphasize security controls to help solve for this challenge facing the life science industry.

Additional Information | Cloud Services for the Life Sciences Industry

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