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Cloud based infrastructure is ideally suited for the needs of the life science industry and its research and development endeavors. The cloud affords the life sciences industry the operational flexibility it requires to continue to innovate at its most efficient capacity.

Life sciences organizations can leverage a number of benefits specific to its industry. These benefits are as follows.

Facilitate R&D for Remote and Virtual Life Science Workers

Allow your research associates to work from virtually anywhere with hosted virtual desktop infrastructure powered by the cloud. With desktops that are easier to deploy to your workers, no matter where they may be located, draw from the global life sciences talent pool, and allow your geographically dispersed team to collaborate more efficiently.

Life Science Organizations Can Cut Costs with the Cloud

In the wake of budget constraints and reductions, draw funds from your backend operations instead of mission critical research and development. Cloud-based technology can help save significantly when compared to traditional, on-premises infrastructure.

Heightened Cloud Security for the Life Sciences Industry

Data is a valuable commodity in the life sciences realm. You can opt to back up your organization’s data in our secure infrastructure. Our data centers are top tier, SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 1 or 2 certified.

Look to us for added security, business continuity, and data availability strategy. Additionally, our infrastructure supports organizations subject to HIPAA regulation.

Easier App Publishing for the Life Sciences Industry

Whether it is your SAP, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), or bioinformatics applications, simplify the way you deploy, update, and maintain these applications for your workforce. App publishing via our secure cloud proves much easier and faster than traditional methods of app publishing. For an industry that is heavily reliant on software applications, app publishing in the cloud can produce significant operational benefits!

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