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Retail Challenges the Cloud can Address

Staying competitive in retail is a whole different ballgame today than it was a few years ago. To play in the big leagues, you need more information about who your customers are and how they behave.

Your associates need real-time access to this data, whether it is to personalize customer interactions, or view sales trends as they develop on the floor. You’re also likely looking at mobile PoS systems and unifying data and experience in physical and online environments.

There are already a few leaders in retail who are doing this well. What if, in a single step, you can enter this league?

The cloud can do a lot for your business, but perhaps most importantly, with the cloud, you can consolidate and get more visibility into your data. Keep reading to learn more about our cloud services and how they can help your retail business.

Cloud Services for Retail

dinCloud’s retail cloud-based offerings include hosted virtual servers (dinServer), hosted virtual desktops (dinHVD and dinDaaS), and cloud storage solutions. dinCloud’s secure cloud offerings provide users with the flexibility and availability to run back office operations from anywhere, at any time. This includes accounting/bookkeeping, payroll, price analysis, access to customer information, and any other operations that are independent of a physical location. dinCloud’s solutions are especially valuable to retailers with multiple locations because they centralize the information from multiple sources.

If you would like to learn more about how dinCloud is a good match for your cloud based services in the retail industry, please reach out to a dinCloud account executive today, or read more.

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