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We offer specialized services to meet the unique requirements of the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations can expect to receive the following benefits by migrating to dinCloud:


It has become increasingly difficult for service providers to cater to new regulatory requirements governing the healthcare industry. dinCloud addresses these requirements by helping healthcare organizations secure their frameworks. We have a private virtual data center, where data is stored remotely in the cloud, which prevents data breaches from stolen or lost devices.


You have access to their data from any location on any device in real time.

Disaster Recovery

If your devices are destroyed in a disaster, all your data still resides in the cloud, stored in multiple data centers.

Cost Savings

Significant savings in operational expenses (upwards of 50-70%) compared to traditional desktops. The cloud also eliminates the need for costly software and server upgrades, annual licensing fees, and hardware.


dinCloud can regulate a firm’s off-site storage to scale up or down as needed.

Collaboration with Patients:

Medical assistance can now be delivered to doctors in the field or remote areas in real time.

Collaboration among Peers:

Overall, the healthcare industry is opening up to the cloud. We can already foresee the incredible possibilities from this technology. It’s clear that both healthcare providers and patients alike will continue to benefit from these IT advancements for years to come. Please reach out to a dinCloud account executive today – via this form – to get more details about dinCloud’s healthcare services, and for a custom evaluation of your environment.