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When it comes to deploying or managing complex citrix environments, Conflux has the potential to become truly a game changer. Below, we have listed some key benefits of this application by dinCloud:-

Unified-Platform (1)

Unified Platform

Conflux is a unified web-based platform for managing all the aspects of your citrix environment. Once you have synced your cloud service provider data with Conflux, you don’t need to look any further.


User Friendly

The greatest aspect of Conflux is an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Each key process of the Citrix deployment has been logically nested under the appropriate menu.



Conflux is designed with special focus on ease of navigation. You can cycle across menus and sub menus in a matter of just a few clicks.


Process Flow

Before you initiate any step related to the Citrix deployment, Conflux will give you a detailed graphical, descriptive overview of the activity you are about to perform. It also provides the video tutorial.


Task Status

Conflux also provides you the deployment progress and assists you to carry out the steps to achieve an operational citrix environment. Conflux provides real-time status of the tasks which are executed on the machines. Conflux tracks the progress of each task initiated by the user. Deploying or managing a Citrix environment involves a large number of complex tasks which need to be executed in a specific sequence. Conflux assigns a unique task code to each activity that is performed to keep track of the tasks.


Multi Cloud Provider Support

Initially, conflux was designed to integrate and manage citrix deployments performed on dinManage. Given the scope of this ground breaking and innovative solution, dinCloud plans to extend the scope of conflux to all the leading public cloud providers globally. Using conflux, other public cloud providers will be able to manage the citrix deployments as well. Conflux Version 2.0 was released in May of 2020. It supports the integration and management of citrix deployments for Microsoft Azure. The scope of conflux will be further extended to other leading public cloud providers that includes AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud in the near future.


Embedded Help

Within each menu of the conflux application or data entry fields, a brief help aid has been embedded to display a concise overview of the process or required input. It minimizes the user driven errors during the deployment. This is a great feature that enables you to manage the whole citrix deployment seamlessly.