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Enhanced User Experience

When VDI gets deployed at scale and as more users access the system, performance degradation results due to high CPU utilization. Moreover, some applications will only run with basic functionality or reduced feature set if a GPU is not present. By utilizing nVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center GPU’s, CPU tasks get offloaded to the GPU, resulting to a native-PC like experience despite the increased demand.

  • Ensure applications are delivered the way the developer designed it
  • Get uncompromised experience even on graphics accelerated applications
  • Become as productive as you are on a physical PC with 3X improved latency over a CPU-only VDI

Enable Workforce Mobility

When users log on to VDI sessions on thin clients, smartphones, and other devices that lack a GPU, they get inconsistent experience. With nVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center, users are untethered and get a consistent experience, ensuring continuous workforce productivity.

  • Enable wider business mobility with virtual workspaces that deliver a native-PC experience on any device, anywhere

Lower TCO and Improve Manageability

Windows 10 requires 32% more graphics consumption than Windows 7. In addition, common business productivity applications such as Chrome, Skype, and Office also require more GPU resources. This higher CPU utilization reduces server density, increasing the cost per user. With nVIDIA GRID, the tasks that were once done by the CPU get offloaded to the GPU, allowing you to lower CPU utilization and ultimately increase scalability.

  • Address the rising demands of the digital workplace and Windows 10 by delivering GPU-accelerated performance
  • Improve user experience on modern applications that require accelerated graphics, all while increasing user density on the server by 30%
  • Reduce help desk support costs with enterprise-grade manageability and performance that delights users

Pave the Way for Digital Workplace Transformation

Digital workplace transformation is enabling new types of innovation and creativity. One evidence of this is the prevalence of use of multimedia and video across the company. These innovations require increasingly more graphical and compute requirements to ensure visual quality, speed and responsiveness.

  • Future-proof VDI implementations so they can meet the emerging needs of the digital workplace and its tech-savvy, media-oriented workforce
  • Extend VDI to every use case, with an engaging user experience for everyone, from knowledge workers, to mobile professional
  • Enable every worker with the tools to be a creator and innovator

Deliver Enterprise Ready Security

Windows 10 and the modern workplace has created a major shift in the way people work. The new collaboration and sharing features within the OS and its updated business applications enable global workforces to become more productive, but at the same time make security ever more challenging. nVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center GPU’s improve an organization’s overall security and safeguards against disaster while ensuring designs, data and, intellectual property are centrally stored in the data center.
Intellectual property and mission-critical data is securely hosted within the data center.

  • Extend the benefits of virtualization to more users who can now access more applications securely
  • Securely collaborate with contractors and partners with reduced threat of data loss / leakage
  • Enable secure work-from-anywhere workstyles

Enable High Performance Hosted Workspaces

Address the rising demands of the digital workplace and Windows 10 by delivering GPU-accelerated performance.