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Features of Barracuda Content Shield

Like any leading security solution out there, Barracuda Content Shield also relies on a multi-dimensional approach to keep employee web browsing secure. Here is a gist of the salient features of BCS for your info.

Malware Protection

Today, even a single click by your employee on a malicious piece of content on the web can unleash a harmful malware, ransomware or bot on your network. BCS employs advanced URL and DNS filtering to prevent your users from accessing malicious content on the web.

Regulated Web Access

With BCS, you can segregate your users that access the web based on their productivity and work needs. Then, you can easily assign safe web browsing policies to each user group within your organization, so that such activities remain productive and compliant.

Deploy and Manage with Ease

To incorporate BCS into your existing cloud environment, you don’t need to deploy any additional hardware. The setup takes no more than a few minutes of your valuable time. A proxy free architecture ensures your get the desired protection without any latency issues.

Off Network Protection

The protection offered by BCS can be extended beyond your organizational network. This is made possible by a BCS agent, which lets you enforce safe web browsing policies outside your own network to include off-net or remotely working employees.

Integrated with Global Threat Intelligence

The security and protection protocols of Barracuda Content Shield are constantly evolving, as BCS is integrated with a vast Global Threat Intelligence network. This ensures BCS security policies are in line with the latest and emerging web related threats.

Global Visibility of Endpoints

Barracuda Content Shield gives you global visibility into all your endpoint devices. It also alerts you about endpoint devices with outdated operating systems (OS) or security patches. You also receive alerts if malware is detected on an endpoint device.