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dinApp – Overview of Application Virtualization

Use the cloud to enable workers to be productive without being held back by legacy applications or applications that need to run multiple instances simultaneously. dinApp is a simple, turn-key cloud solution. Think of it as an easier way to do app virtualization and similar to app streaming. We call it App Publishing. Essentially, this means you can run any Windows application just like you would on a traditional computer.

dinApp runs in the cloud on dinCloud’s secure servers and can be streamed to any physical or virtual Windows desktop or mobile device.

dinApp can be accessed from a Chromebook, Mac, Android, or Windows device. This means you can even access it from within a Chrome browser.

Why Application Virtualization with dinCloud?

Many organizations have already made attempts at application virtualization using various tools and installing them. However, this is time consuming and cumbersome as a project turns into an on-going support initiative. With dinApp, instead of virtualizing applications within an existing infrastructure, organizations save time and money. Below, you’ll see the benefits of virtualizing apps with dinCloud.

Flexibility Beyond Most Virtualization Methods

Flexibility in our infrastructure and design help ensure quick application setup. Our dinApp is compatible with multiple systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Java/Web. dinApp can deliver apps to physical and virtual desktops, as well as to mobile devices.

Minimized Security Threats

At dinCloud, we value your security, and make it a top priority. dinCloud provides multiple levels of security enhanced by dedicated firewalls, data encryption, A/V malware protection, and Equinix Tier 3+ secure data centers. We provide an ideal situation for virtual employees to access applications in a secure environment.

Transparency in Pricing

You get transparency with our flat-rate pricing. We have straight-forward subscription-based pricing with no hidden fees and Predictable bills.

Avoidance of Maintenance Costs

Hosting your virtual application with dinCloud can help you save costs. dinApp is significantly less expensive to roll out and maintain than traditional app virtualization solutions. Running in the cloud means you avoid maintenance costs associated with running the infrastructure to power app virtualization initiatives.

Apple-friendly Access

Widen your user base by extending Internet Explorer and flash oriented sites to device users who can’t otherwise access a given resource with their Safari browser.


Avoid the headaches of virtualizing apps and building wrappers or determining compatibility issues. The cloud makes this a turn-key operation, minimizing complexity.

dinApp Application Virtualization Features

dinApp offers flexibility and powerful control over application virtualization. Features of our application virtualization service are below.

dinApp Features


Deliver Windows applications to any physical/virtual Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPad, or Android device instantly.

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Easily provision/de-provision applications based on users/groups.


Run multiple versions of the same application (MSIE8, MSIE11, etc.) at the same time on any endpoint.


Deliver legacy applications that won’t run in the current operating system. Granular per user/group control to provision/de-provision resources quickly to intended recipients internal or external to your organization.

Legacy Application Access

You can access legacy based applications through multiple versions of an application on your desktop (i.e. MSIE8 and MSIE11).

dinApp Add-Ons

Professional Services

dinCloud can provide you with professional services including deployment, data migration, maintenance, upgrades, and managed services.

Bandwidth Brokerage

We can provide you with bandwidth brokerage, including private T1, T3, 100mb or 1g, MPLS, Internet or other connections worldwide to connect your infrastructure to ours.

How Application Virtualization Works

You won’t believe how simple it is to roll out this service – simply begin with application installation and conclude with application delivery

Application Virtualization, and in particular, our dinApp publishing consists of a server that will host and deliver the app to the user. The server is complemented with a secure environment including SSL encryption, a firewall and SSL gateway. The service is supported by Active Directory to manage access and a connection broker to provide optimized access to the app. dinCloud will assist with the setup of this environment so that it can be turn-key.

Pricing for Application Virtualization

dinApp is customized for each customer environment. Components of the cost include the servers or virtual machines used to host the application, per user per month for dinApp, and a possible charge for Microsoft licenses. Typically, our sizing is based on the umber of users accessing the application. dinApp runs in the cloud on dinCloud’s secure servers and can be streamed to any physical or virtual Windows desktop or mobile device. dinApp can be accessed from a Chromebook, Mac, Android, or Windows device. This means you can even access it from within a Chrome browser.
The SSL certificate helps ensure data is encrypted while in transit.

SSL Certificate

1 year

The virtual machines are architected to support up to 50 users. As more users are added, the resources on these virtual machines would scale up.

SSL Gateway


Active Directory


Connection Broker


Terminal Server


Customers need to scale their infrastructure. This option will allow virtual machines to support up to 300 users.

Some customers may already have “RDS” licenses from Microsoft and can apply those to this service as bring-your-own-license.

RDS License

Per User

dinApp Service

Per User

dinCloud’s engineering team will help provision, setup, and configure the services as turn-key ready.

Setup Charge

One Time

What’s Next?

If you’re ready to move forward with dinApp, please see a demorequest info, or get a quote.