dinApp offers you the ability to webify and extend to mobility devices (iPad etc.) any application that you can install on a Windows server. You can grant access via the LAN/WAN/Internet on a per user/group basis securely. We also have thousands of applications virtualized which can be streamed/injected into any physical or virtual Windows desktop as part of our dinHVD offering.

dinApp - Application Virtualization

dinApp provides:

  • Choice of form factor. Webify an app and/or extend it to a wide array of fixed and mobile devices
  • Flexibility. You can literally get a new or legacy application up within minutes
  • Security. All data is encrypted in motion and at rest
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Java/Web supported
  • Most mobile devices supported
  • No hidden fees
  • No data transfer fees
  • Save costs by not having to re-code an application
  • Availability. Widen your user base by extending MSIE and flash oriented sites to iPad users who can’t otherwise access a given resource with their Safari browser

dinApp options (additional cost):

  • Professional services including deployment, data migration, maintenance, upgrades, and managed services
  • Bandwidth Brokerage. We can provide private T1, T3, 100mb or 1g, MPLS, Internet or other connections worldwide to connect your infrastructure to ours
  • Rental of various Microsoft and other applications on a per user, per month basis

dinApp use cases:

  • Webify existing or legacy apps
  • Mobility of applications to a wide range of devices
  • Performance improvement and simplicity of use for a given application without having to launch a physical or hosted virtual desktop first
  • Granular per user/group control to provision/de-provision resources quickly to intended recipients internal or external to your organization
  • Granting access to MSIE only websites to non-MSIE users

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