Who better to judge and comment on dinCloud’s services than customers, partners, and other third parties... We’ve collected this feedback so you don't have to take our word for it.
Below are quotes from a few customers. For other testimonials, click one of the types to see more testimonials and quotes.

“We currently run Microsoft Project Server with dinCloud. They helped us with the connectivity, the design and implementation of our infrastructure. The solution enables our company to work more effectively and efficiently by providing a single place for project management, tracking, reporting and collaboration. -Doug Conard, director of infrastructure, Think Finance

“We’re always looking for ways to drive down infrastructure costs, and still provide our people with the tools they need to stay productive. It didn’t take us long to realize that the dinCloud Hosted Virtual Desktop (dinHVD) service was the turnkey solution we’d been looking for. It exceeded our requirements for performance, ease of management, and best of all, price. After moving to the hosted desktop solution from dinCloud, we’ve realized a significant cost savings –reducing our overall technology spend by 50 percent.” -John Madrid, CTO, National Asset Direct

“Having the ability to quickly move business operations from one location to another without the usual overhead of moving technology, enables our business leaders to expand and contract operational units in order to take advantage of the rapidly changing market. Now, for our staff, work isn’t a place we go, it’s what we do to meet the needs of our clients, anytime, anywhere.” -John Madrid, CTO, National Asset Direct

“We looked at a few other vendors (locally and nationally) - everything from self hosting all the way to more turnkey type solutions. In the end, dinCloud and its people were the best. Their employees were very knowledgeable and took the time to understand our needs. Plus, they were able to easily explain their solution – how they would make the connection to us, how they would copy the data, and how they would handle our data when it got to them - not many companies could do that right off the bat. We found dinCloud had a simple, straight-forward plan and they were flexible and knowledgeable about the systems and our objectives.” -David Brawner, manager of network services, Maryville University

“The overall support we’ve gotten, and flexibility of dinCloud, is the best statement that I can make so far. dinCloud was able to fabricate a solution that met our needs rather than just shove us into a pre-made solution and that was really what we needed. The company also handheld us through any technical issues we experienced during the initial deployment, which was also really nice.” -David Brawner, manager of network services, Maryville University

“dinCloud’s ongoing support has been the biggest help because we have been able to reduce man hours. When we do volume size changes, there might be a few tweaks that need our attention, but otherwise, it’s pretty much set it and leave it. dinCloud has been every effective in keeping us out of that business. Additionally, we were able to avoid purchasing a tertiary SAN solution which would have cost approximately $125,000 and we have reduced our maintenance man-hours by approximately 20-30 hours per month.” -David Brawner, manager of network services, Maryville University

“dinCloud impressed Immigration Attorneys CEO Ira Azulay, by its willingness to commit to the firm’s aggressive deadline to go live in less than a week. Immigration Attorneys shipped an external drive with all of its data on a Friday, and was able to go live the following Wednesday. There were no serious concerns over security, as dinCloud offers multiple layers of authentication, and Immigration Attor­neys was already comfortable using remote technologies from Citrix. Using dinCloud eliminated the need to use Citrix for remote workers, too.” -451 Research (DaaS Report)